The Google Penguin Update – What It Is and How to Avoid Getting Penalized

Over the past couple of years, Google has been making big efforts in order to reduce as much spam in its search results. Its aim to help search engine users find what they are looking for without going through tons of irrelevant sites gave birth to their algorithm update called “Panda” back in 2011. It targeted sites with low quality content and prevent them from being shown in Google’s search results. This caused a huge change on how websites were being optimized. In addition to it, Google created another algorithm update in 2012, just a little more than a year after Panda was born. This update is called “Penguin”

What is the Penguin Algorithm Update

While its predecessor was primarily made to stop spammy, duplicate, and aggregated content, Penguin was created to stop spammy links. Spammy links refer to paid links and those which are created via networks for the sole purpose of manipulating search engine results. Before Penguin was released, many search engine optimization (SEO) practitioners use this method in order to rank well in search results. Buying links and building networks for link building purposes was indeed very effective in the past but it resulted to a lot of spam on the internet and led to poor search returns which eventually affected user experience in a negative way.

How to Recover from the Effects of Penguin

The first step in the road to recovery is determining which of your site’s backlinks are unnatural or spammy. There are backlink checkers and other similar tools out there, either free or paid, which webmasters can use to check all the backlinks their site have. The next step is to have those links manually removed by sending a request, usually via email, to the webmaster of the site where the link you want to remove is located. Also, using Google’s disavow tool is very important. What the disavow tool does is allowing webmasters to tell Google which particular links they do not want them to consider in their search engine ranking system. Otherwise you can you use a professional SEO services firm such as White Flame SEO.

Post Penguin Strategy
Creating high-quality content is a highly-recommended foundation in attracting natural links. This type of content gets easily shared on other websites as well as on several social media platforms causing a network of natural links. Basically, what webmasters and SEO experts should think of is building links in a way that would be helpful users and not to gain high rankings in search engine results. It is a good idea to partner with an expert, whether you find a good one through word-of-mouth or through a search of directories. For example, you could find that same firm through its Manta listing.